Are you planning a visit to Bangkok? Your gender preferences don’t conform to convention? If you feel your trans attraction is becoming overwhelming, know that the Thai capital is the place to finally give in to your urges.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve wondered if you can hook up with a Bangkok ladyboy. How can you meet and get to know someone? You’ll find trans women everywhere in the city of smiles – in malls, shops, markets, offices, working in hair salons, and other regular jobs. Some are visibly trans, others – less so.

The best way to meet someone is probably online because you can get to know them without the anxiety that accompanies a face-to-face-meeting. If you prefer personal contact initially, you can go to one of the city’s many trans-friendly events.

Whatever way you meet, there are certain principles to go by if you want to hook up. Try to be relaxed and keep things casual. Wait for them to bring the topic of sex up – Thai ladyboys are surprisingly open and upfront about this aspect of intimacy, which isn’t always the case with Thai girls who were born into the female gender. They can seem shy and withdrawn. Guys who’ve lived in Bangkok for a while and are attracted to trans people will tell you that one way (sometimes the only way) to tell ladyboys and girls apart is how forward the former can be.

In Bangkok, there is great interest in ladyboy theater and shows, both from locals and foreigners. They are a great occasion to meet and hook up with someone.

Thai people are welcoming and accepting of the trans community. Bangkok is famous for its trans women for historical reasons. The community was recognized as far back as in the 1300s. In the 1800s, homosexuality was outlawed, and trans culture suffered a blow as well. It didn’t go mainstream again until around 1950. Now, it’s back and in full swing.