Putting Lights On Christmas Tree

The tree will look nicer plus it is so much easier to remove the lights. Horizontal is the most traditional way to install your Christmas tree lights-traveling around and around the tree to wind in the lights.

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How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree.

Putting lights on christmas tree. Start at the top of the tree and weave your lights above and below the tree branches. String lights by starting the string at the bottom of the tree and pulling it up to the top then back down like a mountain. Basically that means that were putting the lights on horizontally.

Toumbakaris who offers specialized holiday decorating services likes to add tiny LED fairy lights near the inside of the tree or use colored floor spotlights to uplight the tree from behind. Instead of wrapping lights around the tree loop the lights up and down the tree as you go around. If you want the lighting on your Christmas tree to have a more subdued look you will wrap the strand loosely around each branch.

While a decorated tree always marks the start of the holiday season the process to get it ready can take a lot of preparation especially when working with an oversized Christmas tree. When using lights to decorate a Christmas tree. Use just an ordinary string of lights not the cluster lights as they are a huge number of lights on just a short.

Then wrap each branch going up and down the branch with the lights. Mentally divide the tree into three triangular sections. Select a branch at the bottom where you wish to begin.

Start from the bottom and work up stringing the lights in an up-and-down weaving pattern. Its the method we show in the video To give your Christmas tree a professional look string them a little randomly to give your lights a more organic natural feel. The key to putting lights on an artificial tree is to somehow untangle them and make them work before you put them on the tree.

Do not wrap the lights around the tree but instead weave them around it in triangular sections. If youre working with a pre-lit Christmas tree most of the lighting work is done for youbut layering on additional strands gives your holiday focal point more depth and personality. Master the art of lighting your Christmas tree by following our guide There is an art to lighting a Christmas tree to make it look stunning.

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The rule of thumb is 100 lights per 1 foot so if you have a 9 foot tree like me youll need 900 lights. A glowing tree is a necessity during the holidays but the actual execution is easier said than done. Allow plenty of slack in the strand.

Determine how many lights youll need based on your tree size 100-150 lights per foot of your tree. Instead of wrapping the lights around the tree from top to bottom hang Christmas tree lights vertically. There are two ways to put lights on your tree and it usually depends where your lights start and end as well as where your plug is.

8 Foot Tree. If your branches are. Step 2Take an extension cord and run it from your wall outlet to a space close to the back center of your tree.

It is probably the most difficult bit while decorating the Christmas tree. Begin stringing the lights from the bottom of the Christmas tree near the trunk. Theres nothing worse than realizing you dont have enough lights while in the middle of decorating.

According to TikTok the correct way to put lights on a Christmas tree is to put them on vertically. After each of the lowest branches are covered move the lights up the trunk to the next level of branches and start again until you have reach the very top of your Christmas tree. So you need to get another person to join you in putting Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree.

And while youre decorating keep the lights plugged inor plug them in as you goso that you have a sense of how the tree looks when lit. TikTok user Clare Hooper explained that it used to be her job to hang Christmas tree lights. First of all you need a good amount of lights we recommend 100 per foot of tree so a 210cm 7 tree will need at least 700 lights.

How to hang lights on an artifiical Christmas Tree. Most times you may not be able to do it all alone. You must try to wrap the lights around every branch so that your tree can.

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Putting Lights on the Front of the TreeStep 3Plug your first set of lights into the extension cord and work the lights from the back of the tree to the trees Front Bottom quadrant 1. Whether your tree is 12 ft or 50 ft consider the below DIY tips to install lights. First put on the bottom layer of branches.

Now were not going to start at the top. Tis the season to hang the wreaths and string the Christmas tree lights. With bulb failures strands that take hours to untangle and so many different options on the market LED color festive shapes its easy to get lost when it comes to putting lights up.

Connect the male and female lights as you progress with wrapping the lights around the tree. No no friends we start at the bottom. Ensure you use a systematic approach to achieve success.

Start the process by plugging the male end of the plug at the base of the tree. Shop Gift Guides for Everyone My Christmas Decor Shop. If you want the tree to appear to glow from the inside out string some lights closer to the center of the tree and slowly spiral out to give your lighting more depth.

Working your way down and around place lights at the front and the back of the tree for depth. It turns out that weve been doing it wrong. Once youre in a suitably festive mood you can get started stringing the lights on your tree.

You should add the Christmas lights starting from the bottom back of your Christmas tree going toward the trunk of the tree and back out towards the tip of each of the branches. Hanging lights on a real Christmas tree is a bit tricky and time-consuming. Wrap the lights around the branch starting at the trunk and moving outward to the tip of the tree.

Types of Christmas Lights. Once you have your lights plug them in to make sure they all work.

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