Christmas Tree Fire Hazard

CNN Like a lot of people youre probably not taking down your Christmas tree for a few months. Dried Christmas trees can be a real fire hazard especially if as some people have done the tree is set on fire as a means of disposing of it Stafford says.

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Watering your Christmas Tree Reduces Fire Hazard.

Christmas tree fire hazard. According to the National Christmas Tree Association in the US. Electrical distribution or lighting equipment was involved in almost half 45 of home Christmas tree fires. How to care for a Christmas tree Do not put it near a heat source such as an air vent or fireplace as.

In the United States Christmas trees start approximately 210 house fires per year. You can prevent fires injuries and other related issues by following some safety tips for trees. Fire demonstration done Wednesday in Concord.

Although Christmas tree fires are not common when they do. The real risks. Also one out of every 52 reported home fires that started with a Christmas tree resulted in a death.

The fire marshal said if you get a real tree to water it daily. The tree and leaves contain highly-flammable oils that can spontaneously combust. Artificial Trees Are Also a Fire Hazard.

Avoid using candles near the tree. This dramatic video demonstrates what happens when fire touches a dry tree and a properly maintained well-watered tree. READ MOREExperts warn people of Christmas tree fire hazards.

Do not decorate your Christmas tree with metallic ornaments as they can become shock hazards if they come into contact with defective wiring. The test specimens were approximately 21 m 7 ft tall Douglas fir trees cut fresh from a. Apparently a dry Christmas tree can pose a serious fire hazard.

Even though Christmas tree fires are infrequent when they occur they can be dangerous and costly. If its not choose a different tree. Fire departments responded to an average 160 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year.

Every year Christmas trees cause fires and pose many other hazards as well. London Fire Brigade Researchers from Shriners recently commissioned a. One dry tree no water after harvesting and one watered tree was tested with no replicates.

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But purchasing a real tree and wrapping it with hot lights can be a fire hazard. Are Christmas tree fires dangerous. Fire departments responded to more than 200 home.

Decorate your Christmas tree with flame-resistant or non-flammable decorations. When showcasing a live tree in your home the combination of tree dryness electrical malfunction with lights and poorly located heating sources can make for a deadly combination. As you choose your artificial tree make sure that you look for boxes that.

Real candles on Christmas trees and wreaths. Fire departments responded to an average of 230 home fires caused by Christmas trees each year from 2007-2011. Every year in the US fire departments respond to an estimated 210 home fires involving Christmas trees.

Of A approximately only one-tenth of a percent of Christmas trees catch fire every year. Christmas trees account for hundreds of fires each year. According to UL some artificial trees that have pre-strung lights are just as much of a fire hazard as a real Christmas tree thats too dry.

In a quarter of Christmas tree fires measured by the National Fire Protection Association a candle or other heat source was too close to the tree. Well-watered trees are not a problem. Christmas tree fire hazard.

Make sure that you review the tag on the artificial tree to make sure that the pre-strung lights and trees have been approved by UL. Answer 1 of 9. A Christmas tree fire hazard is an unfortunate reality and tree fires are more dangerous than people realize.

A dry and neglected tree can be. Natural flickering lights on a tree can look quite appealing and people who use real candles in holiday decorations probably think that they will be safe if they. These experiments were designed to examine the difference in fire hazard between a dry Christmas tree and a watered Christmas tree for fire safety awareness.

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In other words if we had a neighborhood of 100 all with Christmas trees in each house only 12 trees may catch fire. Can Christmas trees catch on fire from holiday lights. These fires caused an average of two deaths 14 injuries and 10 million in direct property damage annually.

Depending on the location. Christmas trees are merry and bright but a fire hazard as well if not properly maintained. Pinecones and other ornaments can add fuel to a.

Did you know that Christmas trees alone result in 13 million dollars annually in property damage. Christmas tree fires are caused b. According to a National Fire Protection Association NFPA report issued in 2015 US.

Avoid using spray-on snow with angel hair glass wool on your Christmas tree. More importantly these fires present real risk towards family and friends. A primary concern with a Christmas tree is fire danger often brought on by the combination of electrical malfunctions and in the case of a real tree a drying tree.

Typically shorts in electrical lights or open flames from candles lighters or matches start tree fires. Place your tree away from fireplaces heating vents and doorways. Christmas tree fire hazard.

A heat source too close to the tree causes more than. Experts warn people of Christmas tree fire hazards. Make sure its labeled fire-retardant That doesnt mean its fireproof simply that it will resist burning and extinguish quickly.

A dry Christmas tree fire can engulf an entire room within a minute fire experts warn. If needles fall off then the tree may have been cut for too long and may be a fire hazard. Christmas tree fire hazard – YouTube.

Occur they are more likely to be serious. When Purchasing the Tree. Christmas tree fires are infrequent but when they do occur they are serious according to the National Fire Protection Association.

As you deck the halls this holiday season be fire smart. In addition to the usual fire-risk suspects there is a new hazard making a come-back with renewed strength each season.

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