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By on March 18, 2016


When I started this blog in 2011, I was looking for a creative outlet, but honestly, I was searching for an escape from a life that I couldn’t quite navigate. For 5 years, this blog has been a launchpad, catapulting me into a new friendships, opportunities, connections and eventual self-love that I could have never known without listening to my inner voice … “you should start a blog”.

With honest words (and writing when it felt natural), I poured my views on fashion, food into words and shitty photos onto a simple WordPress site. More so, I unfiltered my connection to food during unhappy and happy relationships, on some of my darkest days and poured it out during phases of rebuilding.

During Grub Like a Girl’s literal 5-year span, my life has changed drastically into something that is no longer reflective of the stars of this lovely blog. We’re only fooling ourselves if we think relationships, people, jobs and our creative outlets will remain the same, regardless of life shifts. We are constantly changing, change with it!


It’s been an amazing path to travel down – I’ve met some amazing lifelong friends through writing about food, I’ve grown thick skin with a few stinging comments and I’ve had the opportunity to be a bystander and witness the beautiful transformation of this food scene and all the amazing people behind it (servers, parking attendants, hostesses, brewers, chefs, bartenders, bussers – I’m talking to YOU).

To all who have read, commented and uplifted my growth (without even knowing), thank you.

To the next chapter…



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Fashion Journey


By on December 22, 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, so do a lot of the year’s greatest trends to try out.

We’ve loved a lot of wildly different trends this year, and unfortunately, a few of them will stay in 2014 while we find some new trends to try out in 2015.

While these are all predictions, I do have a feeling that some trends, like “90s style and monochrome, will probably stay in 2014. If you’re looking for some old trends to try out from 2014, or want to reminisce a little on some of the best trends from 2014, this list will definitely help you do just that!


1. Faux Fur Vest

It seems like everywhere I’ve gone this winter, I’ve seen #people in faux fur vests. It’s become one of the biggest trends to try out during the second half of the year, in my opinion. There’s something about it that screams Christmas. It’s just so cozy to wear either as a part of your outfit or as a coat. However, because it screams Christmas, it’s definitely something you should wear around the Christmas season, before 2014 ends!

2. Midi Crop Top

If you live in a weather-permitting area that still allows you to #wear crop tops in December, soak it all in before the year ends. The midi crop top was arguably one of the biggest trends in 2014, so why not end the year by paying homage to it in the last few days of 2014!

3. 60s Mod

There was something about this year that took us back in #time to the “60s, at least style-wise. It seems like everywhere we went, shift dresses and car coats were aplenty this year. Who knows if this trend will stick around for much longer, so get as much out of it as you can now!

4. Plaid

While plaid has been everywhere this year, it’s especially fun to wear plaid during the holiday season. However, plaid has been such a staple this year that it will probably be a little overused by the time 2015 rolls around. That means it’s #time to wear plaid to death until then!

5. Monochrome

Don’t get me wrong; I love monochrome as much as the next girl. It’s so easy to fill your wardrobe with a simple black and white wardrobe—#everything matches! However, in 2015, add some spice to your wardrobe with some fun colors! It’s still 2014, though, so get your kicks in with all of your favorite monochromatic pieces while you can!

6. Turtlenecks

There was something about 2014 that really brought back the “90s, and to be honest, it looks like that trend may be staying in 2014. Turtlenecks were a huge part of “90s fashion, and they were a huge part of fashion in 2014. As “90s fashion starts to fade out of style again, so do the infamous turtlenecks!

7. The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket never truly will go out of style, however, it has definitely seen a lot of play this fall and winter. If you’ve been wearing a leather jacket a lot this season, it may be #time to give it a break in the New Year, so wear it out until then!What’s your favorite trend from 2014? Will you be wearing it into the New Year or will you leave it in 2014? Leave a comment letting me know!…

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Fashion Journey


By on June 21, 2011
Hundred And Thousand, Hundred And Ugly Sweaters! 7 Sexy Party Tops to Rock This Holiday Season

Who needs ugly sweater parties when you can shop for sexy party tops?

Don”t get me wrong; there”s nothing I love more than dressing up in ridiculously quirky pullovers (especially if they feature clever #quotes from the shows that I can”t help binge-watching every weekend) and throwing mock fashion shows with my best pals.


After all, the holiday season is all about having fun with the #people you love the most. But if you”re in need of a last-minute outfit for that holiday party, sexy party tops may be more in tune with the occasion.

So get ready to put your best foot forward in style!

Spike the Punch Red Crop Top

If you needed a reason as to why you need more sexy party tops in your closet (and in your life in general), let this sassy shirt from Lulu”s do the talking!

From the accent buttons on the back to its edgy cut, this crop top definitely has it going on.…

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