FW Sullivans 3

F.W. Sullivan’s

I recently moved to the Fan and I absolutely love it.  It’s hip, parts are homeless, and porch sitting is required.  Living here will be muy beneficial to better blogging.

More restaurants = more posts.  (right?)

My writing has been lagging but, I assure you, I am back in action. Promise.

I recently went to F.W. Sullivan’s.  This place is pretty cool.  It’s a hip historic brick building located on the corner of Main and Stafford Ave in the (wonderful) Fan District.  The food is your typical pub fare but the menu is pretty extensive.  F.W. Sullivan’s offers your basics such as burgers, sandwiches, and wraps to more entrée centered dishes like their Shepherd’s Pie and Maple Teriyaki Salmon.

One thing I really noticed about this place was the music selection.  It was almost like the speakers were synced up to my own iPod playlist.  It was spectacular.

I decided to order the  Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap- marinated chicken breast with lettuce and tomato and  dark rum glaze in a flour tortilla ($8).  My friend was pleasantly surprised to find out that the night we were there was F.W.’s steak night.  I am not sure if this is an every Wednesday occurrence but this particular Wednesday,  you could  get a $12 12oz New York Strip Steak from 5 ’til 11.  This included two sides.  Pretty good deal.

We got our food (pardon the crappy photos) and it looked great.  My wrap looked deliciously standard and the fries looked great.  It tasted pretty good.  Nothing crazy or outstanding but it was enjoyable.  The Jamaican Jerk Chicken was warm and spicy- just the way I like it.  The fries were good.

My friend’s meal looked awesome.  She said it was amazing.  The steak was a little overcooked but was still wonderful.  For her sides, my friend ordered mashed potatoes and Macaroni (yeah…double carb-ing).  She was not too impressed by the macaroni, it was much like Buz and Ned’s baked macaroni … a little oily and tough.  She did enjoy the mashed potatoes…although it’s hard to really mess up mashed potatoes.

So, I am was overall pleased with my food.  I loved the ambiance and it’s super close to my house.  All the factors to make me return again.
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