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By on June 21, 2011
Hundred And Thousand, Hundred And Ugly Sweaters! 7 Sexy Party Tops to Rock This Holiday Season

Who needs ugly sweater parties when you can shop for sexy party tops?

Don”t get me wrong; there”s nothing I love more than dressing up in ridiculously quirky pullovers (especially if they feature clever #quotes from the shows that I can”t help binge-watching every weekend) and throwing mock fashion shows with my best pals.


After all, the holiday season is all about having fun with the #people you love the most. But if you”re in need of a last-minute outfit for that holiday party, sexy party tops may be more in tune with the occasion.

So get ready to put your best foot forward in style!

Spike the Punch Red Crop Top

If you needed a reason as to why you need more sexy party tops in your closet (and in your life in general), let this sassy shirt from Lulu”s do the talking!

From the accent buttons on the back to its edgy cut, this crop top definitely has it going on.…

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Latest Commercials


By on June 17, 2011

Is it the Magnum ice cream commercial hysterical and a bit confusing to you as it is to me?

I don’t know what I love more, the scenario that 95 pound Rachel Bilson is sprinting over the tops of stopped cars to consume a 400 calorie ice cream bar?  Maybe it’s the fact that suddenly an ice cream bar that we’ve never heard of suddenly broadcasts this commercial?  Ok, ok, maybe I find humor that Magnum apparently finds it realistic to appoint a woman the size of a twizzle to represent the brand.


Every time it comes on, I laugh.

I love Rachel Bilson, and sure, I’ll love Belgian chocolate covered ice cream bars, but these two don’t mix…it’s kind of awkward.  Is this just me?

On a different note…Happy Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend, and if you see a Magnum truck on the road, remain inside your vehicle and refrain from dashing over cars.

The product is in your freezer section, and I’ll admit, they’re pretty good.

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